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Iron Design Award winner in 2018 – 2019 Luxury Design Award

The approach of rose gold colors to the logo and the packaging aimed to upgrade the fine dining experience of the restaurant. The clients that received this limited invitation felt priviledged and unique. The design’s style and aesthetic and became popular for the rose gold color. The Aficionados’ logo raised the awareness of the restaurant so much that people can recognize it now only by seeing the rose gold color. Restaurant’s plans are now to expand across Greece due to this awareness.

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In the Top 25 Luxury Restaurants in Greece!

Among the 25 best luxury restaurants in Greece, according to the international and distinguished Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2019, a restaurant of Thessaloniki was found! The reason for The Aficionados, the unique gourmet destination of the city, dedicated to good life and fine gastronomy, is a real temptation for the senses.

It is based on a wonderful Art Deco villa in Kalamaria opposite the sea and is the creation of Marialena Miliaras and Spyros Symeonidis, two real reps, with love for travel, observation of the beautiful things of the world but also of cunning details the difference, details that in the case of The Aficionados constituted the material of its creation.

It is a wonderful restaurant and wine place with labels of exceptional Greek and international vineyards. On the ground floor, a fine dining destination with the unique creations of the award-winning chef Dimitris Papporis, on the first floor restaurant and champagne bar where you enjoy old champagne, while in the second, alongside the restaurant, there is also an excellent Cocktail bar with signature cocktails signature of bar specialist Aristoteles Papadopoulos. The Aficionados is an unforgettable experience. So it’s not strange to stand out so you can get into the exclusive list of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

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