The Story – Owners Profile

The Story – Owners Profile 2019-03-21T11:16:05+00:00

Marialena Miliara

“The Aficionados were born in 2000 when I first met my husband.

Spyros,  a bon viveur of the planet and myself a great fan and lover of joy, of the moment, of today, of quality, great music and exploration of senses.

The interpretation of the word “Aficionados “ in dictionaries is a fan, an amateur – internationally established and perceived as the lover of fine quality.

I believe our venture reflects all the above!

Amateurs both in the field of catering industry!

Aficionados of life!

We support what we have experienced through choices and personal events, and we are aiming at passing those choices to the followers of “The Aficionados”.

With a lot of enthusiasm, love and passion, we set up this place, as our own extension, a proposal that does not mimic anyother, an eclectic choice with inspiration and vision.

We and our team, inspired by our vision, are here together to show that the obvious is not simply the novel, but it has to be a complete pleasure of your senses.

These are the Aficionados”.

Spyros Symeonidis

“From the Baur au Lac and the Kronenhalle of Zurich in my twenties to the Graycliff of Nassau, my life has been a continuous journey into the world of epicurean  life.

The first wine I tasted was an “Ornelaia” and the first cigar I smoked was a “Partagas Lusitanias”, this was my first contact with the world of super Tuscans wines and premium Cuban cigars.

Fragile porcelain, crystal glasses, silver cutlery, luxury linen tablecloths and butler services were my first contact with fine gastronomy and high value-added services.

The Aficionados is a projection of my firsthand life experience and world expeditions in a challenging city, as I have been following nothing but challenges my whole life”.